Pot In Pot System

At Just Trees we’re constantly researching how to make such a large nursery work in a way that is a little bit kinder to earth, partly because we believe in promoting a culture of sustainability and partly because that extra effort always pays off. ‘Going green’ is more than just a trend, as a business we’ve learned that working with nature inevitably saves us costs, which is why earlier this year we installed solar onto the farm. But that’s another story for another time. Today, we’re introducing the Pot In Pot System…

It’s a simple but logical way of storing and growing our trees until the day they get bought, planted and end up beautifying a certain area or building. We place the tree container in a hole or ‘socket’ in the ground. Not only does this prevent them from falling over in strong winds (it can get pretty windy here in Paarl) but it also keeps the roots warm in winter and cool in summer, allowing the roots to grow more naturally and more in line with their natural environment.

This system has been widely used in the US and has shown to produce more roots than any above ground system. When the root mass is larger and more established, the trees take to their natural environment quicker, creating more successful transplants and healthier, long-lasting trees. Last, but certainly not least, this system reduces the amount of water used because temperatures are more consistent, avoiding summer spikes and reducing the amount of water that each tree needs. We’re certainly very happy with this new addition to our nursery!

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