Daniel Rebel Landscape Architects & Just Trees

A bit of insight from one of our clients, Daniel Rebel Landscape Architects, into what a landscape architect does, why and how they chose their trees from Just Trees and the difference that trees can make to a space. Take a look at the beautiful video and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay in the loop on nursery updates and vids!


“A landscape architect basically plans and designs spaces for human enjoyment and human use. At the Waterfall City project we were appointed to develop the green infrastructure. The natural highveld area is essentially a grassland area with very limited trees, so it was very important for us to create the space to shade against the harsh summer sun in the highveld area. We, in the end, decided that we are going for an exotic but definitely a non-invasive tree that performs very well in the urban environment and our selection was the plane tree, the London Plane.
We found that at Just Trees we were able to get trees of very good quality, very good shape, very well established and they were available in very big quantities.”


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