Tree Heroes: Dame Judi Dench

I’m not sure I know anyone who actively dislikes Judi Dench and it’s no surprise, she’s a brilliant actress, charming, classy and as it turns out, a tree-lover too! Perhaps you saw a trending video on your newsfeed of the Dame and her life-long love of trees (and champagne). I noticed it the other day and of course followed the trail – and for once I was not disappointed. I came across another delightful video from a few years ago that I’d like to share also…

Over the years, the marvelous woman has been planting trees in her (unsurprisingly enormous) garden for each of her friends who have passed away… A beautiful idea, reminding me of what the folks over at Capsula Mundi are doing. In the video, she says, “I would say, if you’ve got any room at all, plant a tree. Because it’s a living thing, you can watch it grow and every time you come back to it, the tree will have changed.”

Speak the truth, Judi! She has recently done a one hour documentary about trees with the BBC where she collaborated with tree scientists and historians, exploring the wooded area where she lives. An hour of Judi Dench talking about trees and explaining the wonders of nature in her soothing voice? Um –  yes please!

But what I love most about her approach, is the simple act of encouraging people to plant their own tree, to experience it for themselves. Just one tree, a living, organic investment that you can grow old with. With 2017 behind us, we encourage you to try your hand at tree-planting and leave you with a challenge: Be like Judi, make 2018 the year you plant a tree!

Photo: Gary Moyes

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