Is The Cutting Down Of Trees Ever Acceptable?

We recently received a question from one of our followers on whether cutting down trees can be deemed as an acceptable practice. Cutting down trees has always been seen as a damaging practice to the environment, but this is not always the case. Forest management and the removal of trees can be beneficial to the landscape, native species and the people in that environment. 

Here are some reasons why trees are being cut down as a forest management practice:

1. Improves Forest Restoration

Forests undergo a cycle of life and this includes death. Historically, these cycles were achieved naturally through wildfires, but lately, trees have been removed to prevent fires. The purpose of the removal of old trees is to encourage new growth. Although older trees are beautiful and precious, they compete with newer trees and other species in the forest. This can reduce biodiversity and can lead to stagnant growth and development in the forest. 

2. Reduces Risk of Damage

Some trees can be hazardous to the environment and removing the tree may sometimes be a necessary precautionary measure. An old tree or damaged tree with a compromised structure won’t last long and is bound to fall over whenever there is gusting wind. Instead of waiting for nature to take its course, it might be best to safely remove the tree. This can prevent the tree from causing serious damage to other surrounding trees, wildlife and the people in that environment. 

3. Prevents the Spread of Diseases and Infestations

Trees can suffer numerous diseases and infestations, and some can be untreatable. The prompt removal of infected trees reduces the threat of a wide-spreading infestation or disease in the environment. If a tree is suspected to be diseased or infested, it’s better to have it removed before it can cause more damage to other trees and the surrounding species.

4. Promotes Biodiversity

Biodiversity promotes a healthy ecosystem in forests. Tree species and animal species tend to thrive in the same area. The removal of particular trees in a forest allows for other plant species to flourish, such as mushrooms, fruits and nuts. Trees are sometimes removed and weeded out trees when they pose a threat to the overall well-being of the environment. Forests are home to a wide variety of species, and some animals only thrive in a young forest environment. Without removing some trees, some animal species can lose their habitats. Removing certain trees also provides a safe and healthy environment for some animal species.

These are some of the reasons why trees are removed from their environment. Remember, removing large amounts of trees and not replanting new ones has a negative impact on the environment. A 2019 study from the Swiss Institute of Integrative Biology suggested that planting 1 trillion trees would dramatically reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and significantly help stop global climate change. 1 trillion may seem impossible and unrealistic, but it starts with you and me. Just Trees has a wide variety of trees suitable for all types of environments. Visit https://linktr.ee/JustTrees to make your purchase today. 


  1. Jaclyn Becker (Post author)