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We‘ve had the opportunity to be part of amazing projects.

2009-07-15 - Green Point Stadium Precinct

Project Designed by:
OvP Landscape Architects
Planning Partners

Project Implemented by:
Eco Creations
Urban Landscape Solutions
Marina Landscaping

The Green Point Urban Park / 2010 FIFA World Cup Stadium was a joint effort in design and implementation.

"This major urban recreational park forms an important node between Table Mountains, the CBD, Waterfront and the Atlantic sea board.

As a setting for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup the new stadium has been the catalyst for major upgrade of historic Commonage."
-OvP Associates-

The design team consisted of OvP Associates:
Who were responsible for the Urban Design of the Stadium precinct (in Association) and the full site master planning for the 100 hectare urban park.

and Planning Partners:
Who were responsible for the Granger Bay Boulevard.

The implementation team consisted of:
Eco Creations -
Who were responsible for the gardens immediate around the stadium.

Marina Landscaping -
Who were responsible for the Granger Bay Boulevard and

Urban Landscape solutions -
Who was responsible for the Green Point Common
12 July 2012: The Green Point Stadium
Final view of the Ficus rubiginosa trees with the Green Point Stadium planted in the back ground. Planted by Eco Creations.
Photo taken April 2021
28 January 2010: Here is the view towards the incomplete athletes track with the stadium on the right. The 5 planters where the Just Trees Ficus rubiginosa trees are going are still incomplete. To be planted by Eco Creations.
An overview of Green Point Which includes the Green Point Park, Biodiversity Garden, Metropolitan, Fort Wynyard etc.
12 July 2012: Just Trees was one of the chosen suppliers to supply the Green Point Stadium project with trees. Here is a few consecutive pictures of the different planters our 400L and 1000L Ficus rubiginosa trees were used. The 400L trees are on the left and 1000L trees on the right. Pleanted by Eco Creations.
12 July 2012: Planter #1 Planted by Eco Creations.
12 july 2012 Planter #1 Planted by Eco Creations.
12 July 2012: Planter #2 Planted by Eco Creations.
12 July 2012: Planter #3 Planted by Eco Creations.
12 July 2012: Planter #4 Planted by Eco Creations
12 July 2012 Ficus rubiginosa trees planted by Eco Creations along the Western Boulevard.
On the corner of Western Boulevard and Vlei Road, there are a few Ekebergia capensis trees growing slowly.
On the corner of Stephans Way and Fritz Sonnenberg Road is an Acacia xanthophloea forest neatly planted in a grid pattern. The trees provides a dappled shade resting place on benches for joggers looking majestical in the light.
The grid like seating area of Acacia xanthophloea trees. Planted by Eco Creations.
Overview of Green Point.
A stunning specimen tree complementing the open space and height of the large buildings around it.
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