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We‘ve had the opportunity to be part of amazing projects.

2013-04-13 - De Bosch - Stellenbosch

This beautiful garden wat designed and implemented by:
Mareza van Rensburg, Landscape Architect MLA(UCT); Pr L Arch


In July 2011, Mareza visited this site in De Bosch, Stellenbosch for the first time. It is a large property and the issue was how to screen the front door and arrival area from the neighbours, who were a mere few meters away as seen in the photo of July 2011. They needed tall evergreen trees and decided on the Syzygium guineens. They used 40L trees and they were planted 1.5 meters apart. The photo of May 2012 shows them shortly after they were planted. The photo of 14 Feb 2013m shows them a year later, screening the neighbours completely.
July 2011 - First visit to De Bosch, Stellenbosch
February 2013 - Opposite view
May 2012 - 40L Syzygium guineense planted 1.5m apart
February 2013 - One year after planting.
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