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We‘ve had the opportunity to be part of amazing projects.

2013-05-28 - Three Towers Project, Luanda, Angola.

Landscape Architect and installer is:
VBT - Projectos e Obras de Arquitectura Paisagista, Lda.

The trees were transported to Angola in July 2011 in two open top 40 foot containers.

It took 7 days to get to Luanda and the trees were watered 3 times on route. Trees used were Acacia karroo, Erythrina caffra, Podocarpus henkelii, Spathodea campanulata and Syzygium cordatum.
Palms that were used are Foxtails.

In terms of tree functions, they were selected to provide shade and colour and to soften the exterior of the large building.
05 Sep 2012 - Top View Before
23 May 2013 - Top View After
18 August 2012 - Erythrina and Karoos Before
28 May 2013 - Erythrinas and Karoos After
18 August 2012 - Podocarpus and Foxtails Before
28 May 2013 - Podocarpus and Foxtails After
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