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2015-10-05 - Pearl Valley Golf Estate - Entrance

Landscape Contractor:
By Pearl Valley  themselves;
Waldo Groenewald - Estate Grounds' Manager

After the devastating fire, a complete upgrade of the entrance road was executed.

"The Pearl Valley entrance road was victim to the raging veld fire which occurred in the summer of 2012 with most of the original design burnt to the ground. The entrance road was redesigned and installed by Waldo Groenewald and the Pearl Valley Landscaping team. The original landscape, being very naturalistic in design and densely planted, posed to be very difficult to maintain. When redesigning the entrance road landscaping, it was decided to focus on simple design elements for ease of maintenance, more emphasis on structure and a landscape which will tolerate the harsh conditions. Quercus nigra seem to be doing very well on the estate showing very little signs, if any, of disturbance by the prevailing south easterly wind. The attractive 160 x 100L Quercus nigras were supplied by Just trees which were planted to form an avenue all along the entrance road to the main gate. With the openness of the new design, visitors now have a 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains and, once these trees are mature, also experience that sense of arrival.

Just trees remains Pearl Valley's preferred tree supplier for their exceptional quality of their trees & excellent customer service." Waldo Groenewald

Pictures submitted by client: Before 2012
Pictures submitted by client: After 2013
Pictures submitted by client: After 2014
Picture taken: May 2015
Picture taken: May 2015
Picture taken: Apr 2021
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