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2012-02-22 - Onverwacht Village - Entrance Precinct

Project Designed by:
GIBBS SAINT POL Landscape Architects

Project Implemented by:
Vula Environmental and Management Systems

Entrance Precinct

"Tree planting in this precinct breaks with the more austere tradition of designed avenues - which tend to reinforce movement routes and responding instead to the meandering water courses, thereby creating a more relaxed and inviting introduction to the site." - GIBBS SAINT POL"

Just Trees is one of the selected wholesale nurseries to supply trees for this project.

The species that were chosen:

Ficus natalensis "Natal Fig",
Ficus rubiginosa "Australian Fig",
Platanus acerifolius "London Plane",
Populis simonii "Chinese Poplar",
Rhus/Searsia pendulina "White Karee".
01 March 2012: These Ficus provide visual termination to the view along the approach roadway
26 April 2012: The trees instantly add much needed vertical dimension to the site while creating a pivot into the entrance roadway
30 November 2011: Without planting, the entrance walls are imposing in this vast space
26 April 2012: Tree planting immediately fills the space, tying the walls back into the landscape and casting shifting shadow patterns onto the wall surfaces
30 November 2012: The entrance roadway is flat, heavily engineered, barren and windswept
26 April 2012: The Acacias immediately create visual interest and will provide cooling canopies as they mature
01 March 2012: Informal groupings of Searsia viminalis compliment the meandering water courses
19 April 2012: Boulders, harvested from the site are used to stabilise the water courses
11 November 2011: The site entrance is still poorly defined in the broader landscape context
26 April 2012: The Ficus frame the entrance gateway, focussing the view into the site and scaling appropriately with the walls
30 November 2011: The main detention swale is dominated by distracting views towards the highway and service station
02 April 2012: Rhus and Olea screen the highway and service station focussing the view instead onto the foreground exemplifying space creation though planting
02 February 2012: The strong winds on site create exposed, dusty conditions along the entrance walkway
02 April 2012: Ficus rubiginosa are robust enough to withstand the harsh wind and provide a shade canopy across the walkway
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