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2016-07-13 - Greenacres Mall - Port Elizabeth

Greenacres Mall

Landscape Contractor & Designer: 
Green Acres Landscaping

Greenacres Shopping Centre, Port Elizabeth's biggest shopping centre, opened its glass doors on 22 October 1981 and three decades on, the shopping centre is still regarded as the shopping destination of choice.

In 2015 the centre underwent a major upgrade that is still underway. During the 1st phase we supplied 40 x 200L Ceratonia siliqua trees for the garden and parking area. For the second phase we supplied another 36 x 100L Ceratonia siliqua trees.

The Ceratonia Siliqua (Carob Tree) grows up to 8 - 10 meters tall. Where most other trees will struggle, this tree will thrive in the harshest of environments. When mature it will cast very dense shade.
The truck arriving with the 40 x 200L Ceratonia siliqua trees.
Forklifts were used to offload the trees...
And to move the trees into position.
Ceratonia siliqua 200L ready to be planted in the hole.
And in the hole it goes.
Ceratonia siliqua 200L
Ceratonia siliqua 200L
Ceratonia siliqua 200L
Ceratonia siliqua 200L
The Ceratonia siliqua 100L trees arrive on site.
Planting the trees at the entrance.
Ceratonia siliqua 100L
The entrance of the shopping centre.
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