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We‘ve had the opportunity to be part of amazing projects.

2017-04-24 - Waterfall City Park & Town Square

Waterfall City Park & Town Square, Midrand

Landscape Contractor:
Countryline Africa

Landscape Architect:
Danie Rebel Landscape Architects

Waterfall City Park is a 1.3ha public open space linked to the Town Square of the Mall of Africa.

This project earned Danie Rebel Landscape Architects the 2017 ILASA merit award for design excellence.
Countryline Africa received a Double Gold Award in the category 'Landscape Construction with Design by Others', as well as the Reliance Compost Trophy for Best Specialised Landscape Construction.

The park provides well designed recreation amenities and soft spaces needed in the heart of a modern city and also provides in the needs of city dwellers, office workers and visitors alike.

The design of the park is based on the proven principle that responsive and meaningful open spaces do improve quality of life and do improve adjoining property values.

We were fortunate to have supplied 115 x 1000L Platanus acerifolius, 100 x 1000L Quercus palustris, 24 x 200L Platanus acerifolius for this breathtaking project.
Avenue lined with 1000L Platanus acerifolius
Quercus palustris 1000L
Quercus palustris 1000L
Town square
Platanus acerifolius 1000L in planters at mall entrance
Aerial view of Mall of Africa and Waterfall City Park
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