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We‘ve had the opportunity to be part of amazing projects.

2018-05-15 - The Norval Foundation

The Norval Foundation

Landscape Contractor & Designer:
Keith Kirsten & Ray Hudson
Keith Kirsten Horticulture International

The Norval Foundation is located on the slopes of the Constantiaberg Mountain, surrounded by vineyards and residential estates. It is a multi-sensory celebration of art, architecture and landscape! Designed to international standards, The Norval Foundation is expected to become a significant space for art for both South Africa and globally.

The grounds, landscaped by Keith Kirsten International, incorporates an incredibly sensitive Cape lowland freshwater wetland, which is the habitat of the endangered Western Leopard Toad. Norval Foundation is committed to preserving this sensitive ecosystem and has constructed concrete culverts underneath Steenberg Road to facilitate the toads safe access to the wetland for mating purposes.

We delivered 88x1000L, 83x400L, 57x200L, 62x100L & 30x40L trees for this exciting project. The species selected were Acacia galpinii syn. Senegalia galpinii, Buddleja saligna, Erythrina caffra, Ficus natalensis, Harpephyllum caffrum, Nuxia floribunda, Olea europaea ‘Frantoio’, Olea europaea subsp. Africana, Podocarpus syn. Afrocarpus falcatus, Quercus palustris, Quercus suber, Searcia pendulina, Sideroxylon inerme
Syzygium guineense and Tarchonantus camphoratus.

The foundation is also powered by an array of solar panels on its roof, and its greywater purification system allows for a large degree of independence from municipal water supplies, further reducing its impact on the environment.

We look forward to watching this project grow and evolve.

Prolandscaper Africa - July 2018
Harpephyllum caffrum 1000L at the entrance.
Podocarpus syn. Afrocarpus falcatus 100L
Syzygium guineense 200L planted in June 2017.
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