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We‘ve had the opportunity to be part of amazing projects.

2018-04-23 - La Petite Dauphine, Franschhoek

La Petite Dauphine
Louis Matthee

Louis Matthee has been ordering quality trees for his beautiful farm from Just Trees since 2013. It is wonderful to see how the environment has matured and evolved over the past 5 years.

The selected species range from Cupressus leylandii, Cupressus semperviren 'Stricta', Ficus natalensis, Liquidamber styraciflua, Lisbon lemons, Nuxia floribunda, Platanus acerifolius, Quercus nigra, Quercus palustris and Viburnum sinensis, of which Just Trees have supplied 475 x 40L, 188 x 100L , 10 x 200L and 9 x 400L.

Clearly our trees are very happy at Le Petite Dauphine.
Cupressus stricta 40L lines the entryway.
Entrance - Photo taken April 2021
Quercus palustris & Platanus acerifolius
Quercus palustris
Platanus acerifolius
Beautiful Quercus palustris planted in 2015.
Photo taken April 2021
Quercus palustris
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