Types of Trees

Five reasons why you should opt for indigenous trees

Trees provide enormous benefits and broad functions to landscape projects. These range from environmental, design and engineering. Before embarking on a landscape project, you will have to decide which trees are best suited for your environment. Exotic trees can be…
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Soil is one of the most essential elements for planting trees. Your soil will determine the overall success and health of your tree. Since different trees prefer different soil types, one needs to be conscious of the soil type in…
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Have you heard of Ecosia?

Imagine an organisation that is solely dedicated to donating 80% of its profits to planting trees. What if we told you that you could support without having to donate a cent, and better yet by simply downloading the app? If…
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The Natal Mahogany – A tree feature

The Natal Mahogany – A tree feature  Deciding what tree to plant in your space can be a daunting task to take on. The varieties we’re presented with in Southern Africa are plentiful and abundant thanks to a wide range…
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Top 5 South African Trees

TOP 5 SOUTH AFRICAN TREES South Africa is home to an incredible variety of indigenous trees and shrubs, we’ve created a list of the top 5 indigenous trees for gardens in South Africa. The criteria used to compile the list…
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A tree feature: The Pin Oak

Pin Oak : A tree feature It’s been a while since we did a tree feature, so today we will be profiling a tree that is commonly used for landscaping, the Pin Oak. Whilst we are currently in lockdown, if…
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