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Real Concrete Jungles

Cities cover only about 3% of the Earth’s land but, are responsible for 70% of the world’s energy consumption and 75% of the carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to climate change. So, it’s no wonder designers and engineers are racing…
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Tree Feature: Combretum erythrophyllum (Burch.) Sond.

Combretum erythrophyllum (Burch.) Sond. (River bush-willow)   If you’re looking for a tree species that is fast growing, medium sized and beautiful to look at, look no further! The River bush-willow is a landscape architect’s dream species which is why…
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Things to consider for start-up urban greening projects

Beautifying urban neighbourhoods by planting trees is a wonderful project to undertake, especially with the threat of climate change that we are currently facing. Urban greening projects offer health benefits to residents, from improved air quality to decreased crime, and…
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Tree Heroes: The Father of Trees

If you had 30 people plant 33 333 trees each over a total of 30 years, you might think that you were starting a revolution, while in reality you would simply be mimicking the work of one extraordinary man who…
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Why Biophilia Matters In An Office Environment

There’s a new trend in office design that has been steadily picking up its pace the past couple of years, and now it looks like it’s here to stay. As humans, we’ve become more aware of the importance of getting…
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