Tree of the Year: Nominees Announced

It is almost time for the winner of England’s Tree of the Year to be announced! 

A variety of six oak trees, a sycamore tree and a twisted Scots pine are the front runners for the contest currently after being shortlisted by the Woodland Trust, the winner will be chosen by a public vote.

The winner will be awarded £1,000 which will be spent on improving the tree’s health, signage or community celebration. The winner could also stand a chance to compete in the 2020 European Tree of the Year award.

The aim of this project is to protect trees as they’re constantly under a looming threat of felling with the increase of land structural development. By bringing awareness and involving the community, the general interest around a nations celebrated environmental treasures will increase.

The top ten shortlisted trees are:

Allerton Oak, Liverpool

Dragon Tree, Brighstone, Isle of Wight
Kingley Vale Great Yew, Chichester
Addison’s Oak, Bristol

Fallen Tree, Richmond Park, London
London Plane, Bryanston, Dorset
Twisted Scots pine, Thetford
North Circular Cork Oak, London
The Colchester Castle Sycamore, Colchester
The Drive Oak, Gloucester

The voting closes towards the end of the month. 

Who do you think will take the win? 

Images © Woodland Trust 

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