Summer’s coming!

As we head towards the warmer months of the year, the question of how to keep cool comes to play. People begin to rely more on A/C’s, fans and more often then not opt to stay inside rather then get out into fresh air. If you’re an outdoorsy person that loves nature, start thinking ahead, why not look at planting a few shade trees in your garden? The difference in temperature when standing in direct sunlight, to standing in the shade can be extreme and lets be honest – there is truly nothing better then sitting outside in a cool shady spot under your favourite tree.

Trees, combined with live vegetation such as grass and yard plants will also assist in providing an overall cooling effect, where as hardscape surfaces can radiate heat.

There are numerous amounts of shade trees available, they are typically deciduous, which means they will have leaves during the warmer months and shed when the season changes to winter. Evergreen and tropical trees also work exceptionally well around a landscape.

The most popular shade tree in South Africa, is the Celtis africana, also known as the White Stinkwood. This is a sturdy tree, that is both frost and drought resistant. It can be spotted lining the streets and parks in most towns in South Africa. The Celtis africana generally grows to 12 meters in height, with beautiful smooth bark which makes it an ideal climbing tree for children. This is a tree for all seasons. It provides a large amount of shade on hot summer days, but allows light and warmth to sift through during the cooler times of the year.

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