14 Years of Documentation

There is much to be distracted by in the day-to-day world; negativity, crime, heartbreak, politics, you name it. Every now and again, we stumble across powerful media that is a welcome reminder of the unbridled, true beauty of nature. The following is an example of just that.

Beth Moon, a photographer based in San Fransisco, spent 14 years travelling the globe photographing trees in their natural habitats. She travelled to the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa photographing trees in areas that have remained predominantly untouched by humans.

(All images © Beth Moon)
Moon’s travels culminated in a publication called “Ancient Trees – Portraits of Time”. The images are supposed to “celebrate the wonders of nature that have survived throughout the centuries,” Moon explained. “I cannot imagine a better way to commemorate the lives of the world’s most dramatic trees, many which are in danger of destruction, than by exhibiting their portraits.” On a technical side, these images were processed using the method of platinum printing, well known for its wide tonal range.

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    Stunning project I salute you


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