Looking after your trees in summer

Looking after your trees in summer: 

The sun seems to be rising a little earlier, there are less socks and more sandals, the winter blankets are being packed away… Summer, is that you? 

Whilst we’re all rejoicing at the warmer weather, it is an important time to pay special attention to the trees and plants that surround your property, office, garden etc. Just like us, these natural life-giving phenomena, also are affected by the change of season. 

To ensure that your trees stay in tip-top shape this summer, we’ve gathered five tips for a healthy green space during the months to come. 

  1. Mulching:

The magic-m-word! Mulch! Did you mulch your trees during spring? Mulching is a really important part of tree care as it eliminates weeds and keeps the soil at a healthy temperature and moisture level. 

  1. Watering:

In areas that are water-scarce, it can be a nerve-wracking ordeal keeping your trees hydrated. Keep your location’s temperature in mind whilst planning your landscape and ensure to plant trees and plants that are hardy, and can withstand healthy water usage. When watering your trees, the golden rule is to avoid causing soggy soil. You want to achieve soil that feels damp, and dries in a short time frame. This will allow good quality oxygen to penetrate the soil. 

  1. Pruning: 

Prune your trees only when necessary. If you are noticing an array of dead twigs and branches, trim them off. Your trees will thank you in the long run! If it is too large for you to prune alone, get in touch with a professional for assistance. 

  1. Check for bugs:

All the lovely things that summer brings with… include bugs! Take time to regularly check in in your trees to make sure they are not being munched on by harmful pests. Not sure if the bugs visiting are harmful or not? Check in with your local tree nursery or landscape architect for professional advice and guidance on how to safely manage a critter visitation. 

  1. Watch the weather

Depending on where you’re based in South Africa, you might be prepping for some pretty, intense summer storms, especially on the East Coast. If summer brings these types of weather systems your way, be sure to consult an arborist to check in with your trees. Doing this could save you a lot of money and bother in the future by protecting your property and cars.

These are merely a few tips that we’ve gathered, but there is always room for more! How do you keep your garden happy in summer? Share with us your top tips in the comments below. 

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