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Trees to plant in the summer

nced gardener or just starting out if you want to add some new trees to your landscape, here are some great options to plant this summer.

How to Prevent & Manage Rain Damage of Tree

South Africa is blessed to be graced by rainfalls throughout the year, however heavy rain can cause severe damage to your trees and threaten the survival of your trees. Heavy rain can cause physical damage to trees, soil changes and…
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A Closer Look at Transpiration

Transpiration is derived from trans, the Latin noun that means “across,” and spiration, which comes from the Latin verb spīrāre, meaning “to breathe.” It means “the ACT of breathing across”. Transpiration is considered the process of water movement through a…
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How to Conserve Healthy Soil?

Healthy soil has numerous benefits such as providing us with clean air and water, sustaining crops and forests, providing grazing lands, harboring wildlife, as well as gracing us with beautiful landscapes. Healthy soil is determined by a variety of organisms known…
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How To Choose The Best Trees From A Tree Nursery?

Trees bring out the best in landscape design. They instantly enhance the environment and have numerous benefits. Trees increase property value, improve the building’s appeal, and help promote the quality of life. They also increase biodiversity and reduce noise pollution. The…
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Happy Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual event that takes place on the 22nd of April to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The first Earth Day was held on the 22nd of April 1970, it is now globally recognised in more than 193 countries…
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Ways of Making Your Fruit Trees Grow Faster

Growing fruitful trees can be challenging. It requires an enormous level of dedication, patience and care. Some fruit trees can take up to 7 years to grow a piece of fruit. Knowledge is a prerequisite before even embarking on the…
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Things to Do with Your Autumn Leaves

With Autumn soon approaching, you can anticipate a lot of leaves falling. These leaves can be a tedious process to remove, time-consuming, and at times overwhelming, to say the least. Before dreading the process of disposing your autumn leaves it’s…
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How to Reduce Heat Stress in Trees

South Arica has recorded one of the highest temperatures in history these past few weeks. Some parts of the Western Cape regions such as Paarl, Franschhoek and Stellenbosch have surpassed temperatures as high as 40°C. Trees need sunlight to grow,…
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What Causes Trees To Have Empty Leaf Spots?

Leaves are a crucial part of a tree’s anatomy and ultimately determine the fate of the tree. Leaves facilitate the process of photosynthesis. They use the energy from the sun to create fuel/food for the tree ensuring that the tree…
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