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The Natal Mahogany – A tree feature

The Natal Mahogany – A tree feature  Deciding what tree to plant in your space can be a daunting task to take on. The varieties we’re presented with in Southern Africa are plentiful and abundant thanks to a wide range…
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The benefits of children being around nature

Have you ever heard of Nature-Deficit Disorder? Richard Louv has a brilliant book titled “Last Child In The Woods, Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder”. The book warns parents about the dangers of allowing children to grow up without contact…
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Top 5 South African Trees

TOP 5 SOUTH AFRICAN TREES South Africa is home to an incredible variety of indigenous trees and shrubs, we’ve created a list of the top 5 indigenous trees for gardens in South Africa. The criteria used to compile the list…
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Looking after your trees in summer

Looking after your trees in summer:  The sun seems to be rising a little earlier, there are less socks and more sandals, the winter blankets are being packed away… Summer, is that you?  Whilst we’re all rejoicing at the warmer…
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Meet the team at Just Trees: Olivia Minaar

If you’ve ever paid a visit to our spectacular nursery in Paarl, you most likely would have met the vibrant, warm and friendly head of our Sales team, Olivia. We thought we’d take a moment to allow you, our wonderful…
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A tree feature: The Pin Oak

Pin Oak : A tree feature It’s been a while since we did a tree feature, so today we will be profiling a tree that is commonly used for landscaping, the Pin Oak. Whilst we are currently in lockdown, if…
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