Journey of a Tree

In less than 3 minutes this video captures the first 10 years of a container grown tree’s life, from its humble beginnings as a sapling in our nursery to its final planting at a new landscaping site. No matter how many trees we grow and sell – it’s always magical to witness how they transform a space from a barren building site to a welcoming, greener environment designed for people to enjoy and appreciate.

Every single one of the 150 000 trees that live on our farm have been grown from seed or a cutting. For the first 12 to 18 months, these little guys stay inside the covered nursery in optimum growing conditions, enjoying the easy life. They are grown in a soil-less organic medium, carefully monitored and pruned to ensure healthy root development and growth; preparing them to thrive.

Once the saplings reach the right size, they are moved onto the farm, planted up into bigger growing bags and continue to grow under the watchful eyes (and hands) of our team. Since sustainability is one of our key passions, we make sure that we water the trees responsibly. Things like using solar energy, the pot-in-pot system, mulching and weed-mats help us to achieve this, growing as many healthy trees as we can, whilst putting as little strain on the environment as possible.

Then the exciting part happens! Landscape architects, while busy with a design, contact us looking for specific tree types to complete their vision and landscape design. From private houses, to malls, to offices – landscape architects all have different needs and we do our best to accommodate them. The Just Trees mobile app and website provide current availability lists and photographs of all the trees in our nursery. By using these apps, they can quickly see which trees we have in stock and their available sizes.

Often the clients of the landscape architects will buy the trees directly from us in order to secure specifics trees, or landscape contractors will buy the chosen trees. The trees are then delivered by us to landscaping sites all over South Africa and to select export markets.

Nothing makes us happier than to see our trees well planted, beautifying the area and doing the job they were meant to do!




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