The Natal Mahogany – A tree feature

The Natal Mahogany – A tree feature 

Deciding what tree to plant in your space can be a daunting task to take on. The varieties we’re presented with in Southern Africa are plentiful and abundant thanks to a wide range of landscapes and weather systems that we’re blessed with.

Today we’re digging a little deeper into the Natal Mahogany, also known as the Trichilia emetica.




This is a glorious evergreen tree with growing potential of up to 25 metres, was originally found growing in the Kwa-Zulu Natal and Limpopo provinces. It is identified easily by it’s stunning spreading crown that creates lovely dense shade beneath. 

Combined with sweet smelling flowers growing in dense bunches, it is basically the perfect summer tree which you will commonly see adorning car parks and recreational areas. 

Image: SANBI  

Press play on the link below to hear Siyabulela Siya Sokomani’s informative description on the Trichilia emetica. 


Not only does it look brilliant in every setting, another interesting fact about this tree is that the powdered bark can be used as a popular remedy for stomach and intestinal concerns. 

Not wanting to commit to planting it in the ground? That is totally a-okay, as the Natal Mahogany is also a very popular pot-plant. It is underrated when compared to the popular Fiddle Leaf Fig or Delicious Monster. Besides being well suited to a variety of living conditions (indoor and outdoor) it’s leaves demonstrate a very attractive, soft, forest style of mood. 

TOP TREE TIP: If you’re unsure of when best to water your tree, give it a day! This tree actually recovers better from its soil becoming dry than too wet. Overwatering can be very detrimental to its longevity, especially when it is still growing. 

At Just Trees, we stock the Natal Mahogany (and 58 other species!) in 40L, 100L, 200L, 400L and 1000L. If you’re speculating whether or not this is the tree for you, get in touch with us today and our team will happily advise you on what tree suits your needs best. 



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